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Alex Butterflying Pettyfer

Butterfly. Butterfly. Butterfly. (What's with the butterflies? Go read Colleen Hoover's Point of Retreat xD)

I.Butterflying.Love.You Alex.Pettyfer.

Caution: Severe Fan-girling post ahead.

By love, I mean deeply inlove (is that even possible?). My mind's filled with thoughts of you that I need to blog all about my love for you.

I don't care if everyone thinks you're a douchebag (that you have an attitude), as long as you make me happy with your acting, I can overlook that (we'll never even meet so that won't matter)!

Why is it that everytime I read a book that I think can be movie-material, I always wish that it will be you playing the lead?

1. Christian Grey (50 Shades) - Ok. Ok people. Fifty Shades may be overrated but when I caught sight of this pic, I instantly thought Butterfly, he can be Fifty! Though, of course I would not want him to have those sexy scenes (nuh-uh) and on second thought, I don't want all the girls fawning at him (as if they aren't now).

2. TJ Callahan (On the Island) - Now this one, I am fervently wishing to see (more than any other role). I think Alex can pull it off. Remember when he was really skinny? and how hot he looked in I am Number Four and Magic Mike?! Please please please offer this role to Alex!

3. Jace Wayland (City of Bones) - I know that he turned down Jace's role but in a parallel universe, I would have want to see him in this franchise. Even though I am not much a fan of the Mortal Instruments, I would accept any chance I get to see him on screen! And isn't it sweet that he was "offered" the role? When everyone else auditioned? I think MI' fangirls are to be credited for this (so fangirl power could actually work). If I were Alex, I would have turned the role down too, imagine the number of books in the series (six? seven? and counting)! He is a brilliant actor and being tied down to just 'one' image will hinder his acting career.

I wiki-ed him and I can't help but be awed on how many movie offers this man have (and he declined a lot)! You're doing great Hollywood.

So what brought this post? I was watching I am Number Four and I really really really loved it (his best movie for me)! I think it has become a new favorite of mine :D I hope they will make a second movie, the first kicked ass! I'll try and read the book but honestly, imo, the movie was way better than the book. lol

p.s. pics not mine


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