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James and Mesut. Mesut and James

Before you accuse me of being a lunatic, please hear my side first.

While I was channel surfing yesterday, I happened to see the trailer of X-Men First Class. So yeah I knew that James McAvoy (insert fan girl squeal here) would play professor X (I haven't seen any movie about X Men btw which sucks I know) but suddenly a thought occurred to me: he looks like somebody I know, I just can't put a name to him. A thing about me: I'm easily frustrated if I can't remember something.

It was the eyes. All I thought was "who is that person again? I know he's someone I know very well". I love James McAvoy (ever since I saw him in Penelope, and he reminds me of Ryan A.). And the fact that he is a Scot further intensified that (Ian Thornton = Scottish).

Then it hit me. Believe it or not, James kinda resembles my favorite football player, Mesut Ozil.

It may not be that visible, but the similarity is there (however faint that is). It was the defining moment of my football fangirling life (I'm exaggerating a bit). James McAvoy and Mesut Ozil? Hell YEAHHHHHHHH~

I saw this somewhere on the net (credit to whoever you are)

I have spoken my mind. I may be delusional but whatever. LOL. I'm just bored =))


Anonymous said...

totally agree. Thought I was the only one thinking that they look similar

Anonymous said...

yup, agreed. i just saw the movie and thought i should see if someone else was thinking what i was thinking!

Anonymous said...

lol me three i thought it was too...but ozil couldnt have time to go film x-men while playing football haha

mirika02 said...

thank goodness you're all agreeing with me. My friends aren't into football (I have a few but they do not know Ozil the way I do) so I can't spazz with anyone, and some of my friends who had read this all raised up their eyebrows at me thinking I was crazy and all :))

Anonymous said...

I got that one too mirika!:)
I watched the movie and I just thought "damn this guy is really alike with Ozil".
My friend who doesn't watch football disagrees with me, but I think
Mcavoy's hair style in the movie and his eyes are a resemblance with Ozil's

Sheera Joe said...

Wahh.. i thought only me that think they look similar and i love both of them !!

Lina Daniaty said...

Hahaha.. i'm watching germany celebrating their winning of fifa world cup in news program, suddenly i remember mcavoy in becoming jane i watched few days ago, then i googling whether anybody there who compare these two gentlemen, and here it comes. very very agree with you all

sarthak mishra said...

good to know that i'm not the only one:)

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