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Settling down

Before, whenever I was asked about what I want to do in the future (or what I want to be), all thoughts lead to:

1. I want to have a stable (and high-paying) job.
2. I want to travel the world.
3. I want to get married to an amazing man.
4. I want to have a nice home.

When you think about it, almost everyone dream of a future like this.

However, this morning, as I was eating breakfast, spreading raspberry jam and milk chocolate on a pandesal, I began to have this crazy thought:

I want to have my own raspberry farm! I want to spend the rest of my life in a countryside, away from the complexities of city life. I want my family to enjoy the simplicity of country life, to watch over our raspberries and possibly to make the best raspberry jam in the world (haha, seriously)! or to supply the freshest and best raspberries!

However, our home should have an internet connection (that I can not give up) and I think I'll spend a few years (five years tops) experiencing what life has to offer and then I will gladly give up everything :)

Anyway, I think I'm crazy for always talking about raspberries, but man, that raspberry jam got me addicted! haha.

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