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CNBlue in Manila: Pre-concert (part 1)


Lol. Before proceeding with my CNBlue in Manila experience, I will bore you with the lengthy details of how I got into the CNB fandom.

Kidding. Not.

Basically, I have heard about the band ever since I saw Yong Hwa in You're Beautiful. I never did research on the band, all I knew was that they were under the same label as FT Island (I was into FTI for a bit a long time ago).


Come January last year, one of my officemate, Yshel (a full-pledged Boice), was playing Eclipse and I asked her what song that was. I think that marked my interest in the band. However, it was in the beginning of April (or late March) where I started honestly liking them. I have to thank the song Starlit Night for that (and Jong Hyun's otherwordly beauty).


Come August, it came to my notice that CNBlue would come to the Philippines, Yshel was urging me to go with her, however, I was a bit hesitant because the cheapest ticket was a bit pricy and I told her that if I were to watch a concert, it was either the cheapest or the most expensive one. My thriftiness got the better of me, I told her that I won't watch and I'll come with her next year.

Fast forward to September, Yshel told me that she has already bought a ticket to the concert (the cheapest one). I asked her where will she stay after the concert and she said that she would stay with Ate Monette (another officemate of mine). From that point on, I was seriously considering going with her just because. My will to buy a ticket strengthened when I talked to Ate Monette (she was also considering buying a ticket). I think it was last Tuesday (Sept. 16) when my kakuriputan has won over me and I told them that I would not go (for real).

Two days before the concert (Sept. 17), Ate Monette same time'd me with this photo:

Pandemonium (lol) erupted in our office. Suddenly, I was seriously contemplating on availing Marco Polo's promo:

* Searched Marco Polo's site and a one-day stay alone costs like 5k plus?
* Closest CNBlue VIP ticket costs between 8-11k
* If it weren't a promo, both things would cost aroung 13-16k
* But since it's a promo, one could avail both for at at most 6k (tax, etc, included)!
* CNBLUE will be staying at Marco Polo


* Watching a concert live is in my ultimate bucket list
* Watching a concert live in a VIP section is more than what I asked for.

After thinking for ten minutes, I have agreed to "buy" a ticket (together with my officemates).

When Ate Monette called Marco Polo, there were I think six more slots left? As it turned out, the first five callers got the SVIP tickets, and the rest were VIP Diamonds'. It was a little heartbreaking that we were a few calls short of getting the most expensive ticket BUT I tell you, after watching the concert, I would not trade my VIP Diamond ticket to the SVIP one (more on that on my succeeding posts).

Thursday night, Ate Monette finally got hold of our tickets and we were closest to Jung Shin's side (Yshel and I were wishing that we got Jong's side but seriously, after the concert, I could not care more):


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