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Two weeks before my second to the last sem ends..

Things to do:

1. CRes 199 thesis proposal
  • introduction, rpo, rrl, framework and methodology revision and write up (basically everything)
2. CRes 197
  • Two think papers (at least six pages) - will have to edit what I have written
  • Report (on Monday)
  • Final paper (at least 10 pages) - book review. Since I'm reading a book about dreams, I'm feeling sleepy while reading it
3. CRes 180
  • Comm Plan paper write up and presentation
4. Comm 110
  • Three media cases illustrating violation of media ethics
  • Final exam
5. GE 1
  • 4th exam (I'm hoping I'll be exempted from taking the finals)
  • Presentation (whatever that is, I was absent when it was explained)
  • HW (have no clue about it :P)
How am I supposed to cram all these in 7 days????? /dead

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