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CRS and learning foreign languages

After the first batch run, I am more or less happy and disturbed (at the same time)

1) For the remaining two semesters, there are only 7 subjects left for me to take: 5 Cres subjects, Comm 110, MST and PE

2) Though I have enlisted 6 subjects, only three of those are truly needed. We are only allowed three comm res subjects (So CRes 197 has to go) per sem.

3) Although I'm a priority now, I was not able to get an MST subject. I need to have one this coming sem to lighten my load for the last one, and I can not go less than 5 subjects this sem, because of academic reasons (and my scholarship won't permit it)

4) Comm 110. I NEED TO ENLIST IN ONE like now. I have prepared myself to take it even if entails having Avceilla as the prof, BUT why is it that the only class available is in conflict with my Thesis proposal class?????

5) The sole consolation for me is that I got JUDO for PE! yay. Finally, I can complete my PE requirements.

6) I enlisted Span 11 and/or German 10 just in case I wouldn't be able to attain the minimum load units.


Out of the 6 classes I got, only the CRes subjects are of use.
Hopefully, a new section for Comm 110 will be opened, actually it is necessary to open one.
I need an MST subject.
So technically, I only got 9 units = PILA na naman.

On learning foreign languages

One of my interests in life is to learn different languages. I have this dream of learning at least five languages (was inspired by Rizal). I can understand a bit of Korean and Japanese. I had taken beginner course in Spanish and Italian and if ever I decided to take German 10, that would be my fifth. LOL.

Reasons why I am interested/why I decided to learn the particular language

1) Japanese - there was a time when all I did was to watch anime and japanese dramas. This led to me learning katakana/hiragana (which I readily forgot after a month) and to become familiar with some words and phrases
2) Korean - the effect of KPOP and Korean dramas. Learning Hangeul is easier than learning Japanese. Really. I think I'm more knowledgeable in Korean than Japanese (thanks to Arirang too!)
3) Italian - the result of not getting Korean 10. HAHA. No particular reason for learning it but can I just say that learning Italian was fun? Bellissima.
4) Spanish - Sergio Ramos, La Furia Roja and Football. Out of all the languages, I love Spanish the most. Probably because I was so into football during the time that I was studying it.
5) German - I think I'll pick German 10 instead of Span 11. Reason? Mesut Ozil. HAHAHAHAHA and isn't it nice to hear ich, ich, ich.


I can not get away from my fan girl self. I think more than Rizal's influence, my fan girl heart motivated me to study languages. JAJAJAJA. But if I were to choose a second course, I think I'd choose Linguistics ^_________________^ And I'd major in European languages.

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