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My favorite football players (2011 edition)

**8/19/11 Over the past few months, things have changed. It is apparent that my favorite player is Mesut Ozil :D I think I have to make another list :))

Last year, I made a list of my favorite football players. Being a newbie fan then, I knew so little of who's who in the wonderful world of football.

Also last year, I made a list of my favorite Azkals players.Now, let me present you with my new favorite football players (combining both Filipino and foreign players).

Mind you, most of the ones included in this are my present faves (subject to changes). Will only include pictures of those who are new in my list.

1. Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal FC, Spain NT) - Yeah, I know. I should have seen this coming. It's just that I'm more of an EPL than a La Liga fan, and well you gotta love this Arsenal skipper for all he is :)

2. Gerardo Valmayor - Now you're wondering who he is. He isn't playing for the Azkals. He's a member of UP's (my university) Football team (striker, 18 yo, rookie). JAJAJA. All I can say is that he's super kind and humble ♥

3. Neil Etheridge (Fulham FC, Phil. NT) - Neil. Need I say more? Your star shines brightest when you're playing for the Philippines, and you're the closest baller to my age who's single (pardon my football fantasy)

4. Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid FC, Spain NT) - From no. 1 to no. 4. Last year I was so sure that he'll forever be my number 1 but things change (sigh). I should have paid more attention to him (and La Liga too)

5. Mesut Ozil (R.M. FC, Germany NT) - The Ozil. Bambi. Ozil is special. There's so much potential/greatness in him that I know he'll take the world by storm.

6. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool FC, England NT) - he's the reason why I love Liverpool. He, Reina and Nando made me love Liverpool (even more than my love for Arsenal), so when Nando left you could imagine how my heart felt.

7. Joe Hart (Man. City, England NT) - All it took was to see Man City's game against Arsenal.

8. Theo Walcott (Arsenal FC, England NT)

9. Jack Wilshere (Arsenal FC, England) - newest one who made it on my list.

10. Angel di Maria (Real Madrid, Argentina NT) - The guy's a sweetie :) LOL.

Runner-ups: Lio Messi, David Silva, Diego Forlan, Kaka, David Villa

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