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a blog is a blog

Just how many blogs do I own?

5? 10? I lost count. But seriously, why am I still having this blog?

I want to have a blog about my thoughts, a blog where I can freely express myself without having to think of the reaction of others.

I was contemplating on whether it should be wordpress or blogger, but eventually blogger won (since I already have 2 wordpress blogs). I have my tumblr account (and before this, it served as my personal blog), but the thing is, I think tumblr isn't designed to be a blog containing long posts and personal ramblings, as for multiply and livejournal, it sort of have this friend lists (there are people there who may not want to know my crazy side), and well it's a tad difficult to blog freely, knowing that they'll read it somehow (if you know what I mean).

And so blogger came into the picture.

From now on, this will be "my blog". LOLz

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