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On staying healthy.

So here's the thing, I spend more money on my medications than I do on my savings (on a monthly basis).

I try to save at least 2,000 pesos per month but when I computed the money that I spend on my meds, the total amount shocked me.

For almost two years now, I take two kinds of medicines daily, one to keep my cholesterol level low, the other one for my uric acid.

Med for cholesterol = 12.5/day
Med for uric acid = 9/day

During the last three months, I take them daily but recently, my doctor told me to take them alternately, so if let's say I am to keep this up for one year, my total expense would be:

Cholesterol = 12.5 x 15 = 187.5 (per month) ; 187.5 x 12 = 2,250
Uric acid = 9 x15 = 135 (per month) ; 135 x 12 = 1620

Combined medication for one year = 2,250 + 1620 = P3870


About half year ago (I think), I learned that my SGPT level is high, since then my doctor has prescribed a daily medicine for me. For two months, I was taking this liver supplement twice/day. The cost per day amounted to more or less P50.

When I returned to have my SGPT level checked, it increased despite me taking the supplement and so my doctor prescribed a medicine called Ursofalk once a day.

It has been a month since I took Ursofalk and when I had my SGPT level checked, it actually decreased significantly, I haven't come back to my doctor yet but let's presume that he still wants to continue my medication (though my SGPT decreased, it is still above the average level), here is how much I'll spend on Ursofalk for a year:

Ursofalk = P67.75/day

Ursofalk = 67.75 x 12 = 2032.5 ; 2032.5 x 12 = 24,390!

Combining all my medications, the amount that I will be spending on medication for a year would be 28,260!

P28,260 imagine that! I could buy the gadget of my dreams or I could travel overseas!
So much for staying healthy, though my company provides us with a health card, the medicine alone could cripple me.
Knowing this, I am really motivated to start to change my lifestyle. I don't eat a lot but I don't lose weight. The only solution that I could think of is to start exercising for real. My high SGPT is caused by my fatty liver (apparently it runs in the family) and one of my doctors  suggested for me to exercise because it is the easiest way to decrease the d*mn thing.

I will start to jog this coming week and I hope I could keep it up :)
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